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all of any lit cal capital he has left on this? then what about immigration? and what about the budget? >> why does he need political capital? he's not running for anything. and maybe -- >> he needs to have influence to get things done. >> maybe the american people will influence some of the republicans just to do the right thing. >> do you think the polls will matter? do you think when you go back to washingt washington, congressman? >> maybe we have the spiritual leaders and the wall street leaders together to say something about what's happening to, in. it's not a question of the president's polls. i don't care what the president's polls are as long as he's doing the right thing legislatively, economically and morally. if he's trying to get health care for everybody, good. if he's trying to get immigration reform which is good for america and good for business, good. if he's trying to raise money to have better infrastructure and create jobs, good. >> let me ask you about that because the infrastructure is part of what he sees as a grand bargain ask he's still talking about that. he
't think that -- unless he does a romney, become anti- anti-immigration and anti-gun and a whole range of other issues to take into the primary. if you look at our polling we did for democracy corps, one quarter of the republicans are base voters. are moderates. on the democratic side, two-thirds are self identified conservatives and moderates. and when we started our process of change, half of our voters were moderates. so it's a very diverse party. the republican party is not. and i think that will be in evidence i think in the virginia -- the virginia is the primary story because cuccinelli came out of a process where base voters had their say. this was not a base process in new jersey where base -- republican base voters speak out. >> look, i understand completely what you're saying about chris christie. but he looks at it like he's building a coalition of some democrats, even hispanics. and he seems to think, at least in a conversation yesterday with our kelly o'donnell, that a huge victory margin will give some republicans, maybe even some conservative republicans, reason to take
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)